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6.2m VSAT Antenna

Posted by burrows on almost 7 years ago.
Highlighted Features
● 6.2m VSAT antenna can meet the INTELSAT Requirements.
6.2m VSAT antenna has  High radiofrequency (RF) performance, the antenna has high gain and excellent sidelobe performance.
● 6.2m VSAT antenna with Stainless hardware
● 6.2m VSAT antenna does not need on-site precision adjustment.
●Feed source system and some components are pre-assembled before leaving factory.
● C band, KU band, X band and multi-bands are available.
● Linear Polarization, Circular Polarization and CP/LP switchable feed are available.
● Expansion band:800MHz bandwidth is available.
● Feed blower or deicing with automatic controls.
● About port, you may either choose 2 ports or 4 ports.

● TVRO antennas survial wind speed is 125mph.


Download: 6.2m_vsat_antenna.pdf (188 kB)

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