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2.4M VSAT antenna introduction

Posted by kevin on about 7 years ago.
2.4M VSAT antenna as an example to give the introduction for VSAT antenna. VSAT earth terminal is characterized by a much smaller antenna; the unit cost is appreciably lower than that of the hub. The VSAT has both lower antenna gain and lower transmit power than a hub, with the power normally generated by semi-conductor devices of the type.

All VSAT antennas, including 2.4M VSAT, have the features of small antenna, compact structure, fully solid, low power consumption, low cost, low environment requirements, easy installation, wide cover range, flexible networking and independence. These features are suitable for requirements for many big enterprises and communication departments.

VSAT System consists of Satellite, hub and small earth stations. Hub is built near to the headquarters, has the function of main control. The antenna diameter and power is bigger than small station.

VSAT network is classified into three categories.

The first network is mainly based on data communication, beside this; this network can also offer fax and little voice operation.

The second network is mainly based on voice communication, this network mainly offer transition and exchange for public and special network, while it can offer interactive data services

The third network is mainly based on TV receiving, the receiving image and sound signal can be considered as the signal source of cable television, which is transmitted to user's home by cable distribution network.

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