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How to use VSATs for a point to point service

Posted by kevin on about 7 years ago.

You have a point to point link requirement:

  • Involving a link of 4 kbit/s - 2 Mbit/s between two points anywhere within Spain, UK, Norway, Moscow, Norway, Ukraine, Iraq, Egypt, North Africa coast.  In other words, "In Europe and very much more of the surrounding area"
  • Bit rate capacity may be need to be changed as required.
  • New links may need to be added at short notice.

The solution:

Provide a Vipersat CDM570L VSAT terminal at each site with the satellite modem conn

ected to your data routers.

A pre-assigned single channel per carrier (SCPC) is set up in each direction (up to 2 Mbit/s).  You may have different bit rates in each direction if you wish. 

The carrier may be on 24 hours per day or may be initiated manually or automatically, if used, for example, as a back up to a terrestrial route. Some routers can be configured to set up alternative satellite routes under t

errestrial failure or congestion conditions.

The VSATs will be typically 1.2 or 1.8m diameter or perhaps 2.4m diameter if at the extreme outer edge of the satellite beam coverage and if the highest bit rates are required.

Mesh networking is possible with dual or quad receiver demodulators  added at each site.  As a rule each site will transmit one carrier but this will contain IP traffic packets destines foe one or several other sites.

All the VSAT terminals are controlled from a central large dish with a Viopersat managment system.  This hub also provides a gateway to the terrestrial 


Earth Station Antenna   0.88m vsat antenna   1.2m vsat antenna   1.8m vsat antenna   1m vsat antenna   3.7m vsat antenna   3m vsat antenna

0.6m vsat antenna   2.4m vsat antenna   4.5m vsat antenna   6.2m vsat antenna